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The CAE's mission is to participate in economic development by offering SMEs on is territory financial aid and advice to encourage job creation and retention.





was in October 1985 that the CAE, which was then called Corporation C.L.E. (croissance locale en emploi—local job growth), came to light.  Mr. Roland Choinière was its general manager, and Mr. André Deschamps, its president.  Its primary objective was to create jobs, and the goal of 40 to 50 new permanent jobs was set for the first year.  To accomplish this, C.L.E. was allotted $340,000 in federal funds, $220,000 of which were intended for financing.  The assistance provided to the region’s businesses was technical as well as financial, and Mr. Choinière had identified the sectors in which to intervene: “Manufacturing remains one of our priorities, as it is a stable source of jobs.  Take for example subcontracting jobs related to high-tech and research, without overlooking the traditional sectors.”  The goal for the first year was to assist some 15 businesses financially.

C.L.E.’s management predicted a brilliant future for the organization: “You are witnessing the birth of an organization that will be a tool for major economic development for Granby and the region,” relates Mr. Deschamps.

n 1988, the C.L.E. corporation became a Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises (CAE), and it became autonomous in 1992.  The CAE’s longevity and results clearly demonstrate that the founding president and his colleagues were correct.

This important local economic support continues today, owing to the work of the devoted team, headed by Ms. Isabelle Brochu, who can count on the support of the board of directors, chaired by Ms. Lise Faucher and comprised of businesspeople engaged in local development.