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Fonds d'Investissement Local de la Haute-YamaskaFonds d'Investissement Local
de la Haute-Yamaska 

(FIL local investment fund)

Known for its expertise in economic development, the CAE was chosen to offer you this financing. It can be a single or complementary source of financing for your project.

Your business’s head office must be located in the Haute-Yamaska RCM, as the purpose of the FIL is to foster the creation of new businesses and job creation in the Haute-Yamaska RCM.

What is it?
- A loan of between $5,000 and $50,000
- Interest rate: single-family mortgage rate + 3%, according to the duration
- Annual administration fees: 1% of the amount of the loan (minimum of $200)

For whom is it?
- You must have a modernization, expansion, or export project;
- Your business must demonstrate prior profitability or a potential for profitability if the business is at the start-up stage;
- Your project must create at least one job if your business is at the start-up stage;
You and your business partners must make a down payment in cash equal or superior to 20% of the amount of the loan or provide collateral equal to the amount required.

Additional requirement
The owners of the business or the shareholders must guarantee the loan the business takes out.

The FIL invests in businesses that operate in sectors that are not very competitive, retain long-term jobs, and are owned by Canadians.