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Come discuss your project and bring your documents. This will enable us to evaluate your request and your needs. Here are some examples:

- Business plan
- Financial forecasts
- Product or service presentation

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Joint loan


Did you know that for every dollar the CAE invests in a project, the BDC may lend up to $10, for a maximum of $250,000?

Since 2004, the BDC and the CAE have been working to realize common business projects to improve the efficiency and accessibility of service for entrepreneurs. You can obtain financing totalling up to 400,000 $.


This partnership makes the lives of entrepreneurs easier by doing the following:

- Allowing access to additional funds;

- Simplifying the processes (transfer of information and negotiation with only one person);

- Processing the file with a local actor who knows the region’s dynamic;

- Confirming within a maximum of 48 hours that the BDC loan has been authorized.

Given our combined efforts, entrepreneurs benefit from better access to various sources of financing, and authorization delays for loans are considerably shorter.