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Be prepared !

Come discuss your project and bring your documents. This will enable us to evaluate your request and your needs. Here are some examples:

- Business plan
- Financial forecasts
- Product or service presentation

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R & D

The CAE acts as a financial partner during the various stages of your business’s growth by meeting the various needs you encounter.

What is it?
- A loan of between $5,000 and $500,000.
- The terms of repayment are adjusted according to the project financed.
- Interest rate: prime rate + 4% + a premium adjusted according to the risk.
- Annual administration fees: 0.5% of the amount of the loan (min. $250, max. $750).

For whom is it?
- Your business must conduct its activities on the territory covered by the CAE;
- You must submit a business plan and/or any document related to a request for financing;
You must provide a down payment in cash or as a transfer of assets of approximately 25% of the cost of the project.


Request evalutation
Each file will be evaluated according to the project viability and the following criteria:

- Borrower’s profile: Administration skills, knowledge of the sector, and credit history;
- Borrower’s investment and ability to reinject capital;
- Collateral (tangible and/or personal surety);
- Ability to repay;

Certain sectors are excluded, such as businesses of a sexual, religious, or political nature and businesses whose activities are controversial and with which it would be unreasonable to associate the CAE’s name.