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Mentors of the Mentorat pour entrepreneurs et intrapreneurs Granby et région are accredited by Réseau M and agree to abide by a code of ethics and the confidentiality policy, in addition to following Réseau M trainings.

Become a mentor
Being a mentor is to guide other entrepreneurs toward success. It is also belonging to a dynamic and recognized province-wide network, participating actively in your region’s prosperity and economic development, helping newcomers, and giving what you would have liked to have received when you were starting out. Being a mentor is also continuing to be active in the business world while improving your skills.

Our mentors
Click on mentors’ picture and consult their biography.

 Danielle Béliveau mentor GranbyMarco Bernard mentor GranbyFrance Choinière mentor GranbyMichel Côté mentor GranbyMario Duguay mentor GranbySylvain Fausse mentor GranbyMarc FilionPierre-Paul Gingras mentor Granby









Roger Lamoureux mentor Granby Alain Lecavalier mentor GranbyYvon Lessard mentor GranbyPierre Loyer mentor GranbyRéjean Morin mentor GranbyNatalie Paré mentor GranbyPhilippe Payen mentor GranbyRichar Pelletier mentor GranbyJulie Robillard mentor Granby








   Michel Rouillard mentor GranbyMario Saucier mentor GranbyLiette Senay mentor GranbyDominic Sicotte mentor GranbyMicheline St-Pierre mentor Granby













The coaches

A coach has been assigned to the new mentors to facilitate their integration. The coach will introduce them to the mentoring relationship approach for entrepreneurs. The coach is available to answer their questions and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

 Antonin Boisvert coach mentor GranbyGilles Laflamme coach mentor GranbyLaurent-Guy Morin coach mentor Granby